Algeria: Green Hydrogen Could Help Limit Environmental Impact of Gas Flaring 

by | Jun 27, 2024 | Algeria, Economic, Security, Social


In its June 2024 Global Gas Flaring Tracker Report, the World Bank comments on the “promising reductions” Algeria has made in gas flaring over the past three years, while the country remains one of the highest sources globally of gas flaring. 

The latest improvements consist of a modest 5% reduction in gas flaring and a 3% reduction in flaring intensity. 

Gas flaring is the burning of the gas emitted during oil drilling, doing so wastes energy and pollutes the atmosphere with carbon dioxide, leading to damaging environmental impacts. Flaring intensity is a measurement of the volume of gas being flared, in meters cubed, per the volume of oil produced, in barrels. 

Although Algeria has continued to pursue improvements in managing gas flaring, the country was among the top nine sources of gas flaring in 2023. These nine countries, including Russia, Iran, Iraq, the USA, Venezuela, Libya, Nigeria, and Mexico, account for 75% of global gas flaring. 

Similarly, in 2022, Algeria was amid the top four countries ranked by greenhouse gas emissions from gas flaring. Russia, Iran, Iraq, and Algeria were responsible for 50% of global gas flaring at the time. 



Despite the negative impacts of gas flaring, the large amount of flaring in Algeria can be seen as a potential benefit. A recent report, from the University of Texas, explores an alternative to burning the gas released during oil drilling, the option being to use the excess gas in the production of green hydrogen. 

This newfound discovery could allow Algeria to stop gas flaring, benefiting the environment, and produce more green hydrogen, benefiting the economy. 

A reduction in gas flaring, leading to a reduction in carbon emissions, would lend to a higher air quality in Algeria. This improvement will alleviate some of the issue of Algeria’s currently poor air quality. 

With Algeria’s goal of becoming an important supplier of green hydrogen to the European Union and the EU’s expectation of green hydrogen imports, a transition to green hydrogen production could secure Algeria a significant share in the EU’s green energy transition. 


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