About Us

Welcome to Dispatch Risk Advisory, your risk management services solution.

Our team of experts is:


We believe in empowering our clients and we are passionate about connecting clients to the potential of emerging markets.


We maintain the highest levels of discretion and security around client engagements and client data to protect the privacy and market opportunities identified by our clients.

On Point

We provide you with ground truth from the markets where we live and work. You already read the news. You don’t need us to summarize it for you.

If we don’t inform your most critical risk management decisions, we haven’t done our job.

We believe in building bridges.

Our team is passionate about empowering our clients through insight so that the massive potential of the people and assets in emerging markets can be realized. We bring our diverse experience to bear to help our clients understand their environment and seize opportunities. We are invested in seeing bridges built to emerging markets so that their full potential can be realized.
We believe businesses will thrive when empowered with honest, clear insights.


Former U.S. Intelligence Officer and Diplomat


Former U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Agent

Where We Work

Our team is based in the heart of the MENA region with contacts and resources strategically located to meet your risk management needs.

Our team is ready to engage with your hardest questions in the most complex environments.

Let us help empower your business through insight.

Our team is eager to help build bridges to new opportunities in emerging markets.