Risk Intelligence in North Africa

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On the Ground

Our North Africa-based team doesn’t just study the region, we live it. Our team navigates the diverse cultures, dialects, and geographies that comprise the region, positioning us to keep our clients empowered through insight.

Our team keeps clients of all sizes and profiles up-to-date with updates and analysis on the latest events impacting their risk environment.

Some of our risk intelligence products include:

Elite Experience

The Dispatch Risk Advisory team brings elite government training and experience in the analytical space, having provided risk intelligence to some of the largest and most dynamic public and private organizations in the world.

Our team leverages:

  • Elite US government analytical training
  • Corporate, military, law enforcement and policy customers
  • Corporate security and intelligence
  • Local language and culture
  • Tactical intelligence in austere environments
  • Structured analytical techniques
  • Briefings to keep senior-most leaders informed
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Former US Intelligence Officer and Diplomat

Speak with a Partner

Interested learning more about our risk intelligence capabilities?

Get in touch directly with our Partner, Ben, who oversees our teams Risk Intelligence products and services.

Ben brings a wealth of experience in the US government and with large corporations identifying both tactical and strategic risks for the most dynamic, demanding organizations in the world.

Click below to engage directly with Ben to learn how we can empower your organization with on-the-ground insight.

We believe businesses will thrive when empowered with honest, clear insights.