Contingency Planning in North Africa

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Local Knowledge

Our North Africa-based team of risk experts has walked with leaders through a range of contingency scenarios, including drafting new policies, updating existing documents, and executing plans in a crisis.

Our team leverages our presence in the region to empower clients with:

  • Updated risk assessments that go beyond the headlines
  • Organization-specific security assessments
  • Contingency Plans adapted to the specific mission and staff
  • Review of physical spaces, policies, and procedures
  • Training and walkthroughs

Tested Experience

Our team knows contingency operations. We have worked closely with clients across the region, adjusting and executing contingency plans as the security environment evolves.

We bring experience from complex environments around the world to help keep our clients empowered through insight and prepared to respond to the unforeseeable.  We have advised clients across numerous industries and mission sets, including:

  • Government
  • Multi-nationals
  • Non-profit
  • Corporate
  • Non-government organizations (NGOs)
  • Medical Service Providers
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Former U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Agent

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Adrienne brings a wealth of experience in the US federal government in addition to her work advising organizations across North Africa

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