Tunisia: Anti-Doping Agency Censures National Body for Non-Compliance

by | Nov 30, 2023 | Legal, Tunisia


In mid-November, 2023, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) censured the Tunisian National Anti-Doping Agency (TNADO) due to failure of the national-level organization to adopt a legal system consistent with a set of 2021 WADA policies. 

Tunisia was censured along with Nigeria and Venezuela. The consequences of the WADA action will go into effect on 8 December 2023, and include prohibiting the flying of the Tunisian flag at the Olympic and Paralympic games and barring Tunisia from hosting official Olympic events.  

WADA recommended that the TNADO take corrective action to bring the national level legal policies into compliance in order to be reinstated as a compliant Signatory to WADA agreements.


The consequences for non-compliance issued by WADA come as Tunisia is experiencing increasing isolation internationally and growing nationalism domestically as the country heads into an election year. Skepticism and even hostility toward outside bodies has increased as tensions over irregular migration and the conflict in Israel/Palestine have created further rifts between Tunisia and Europe. 

The WADA censure has drawn limited national-level attention, but could be viewed as additional efforts by foreign organizations to exert influence on Tunisia. Thus far, President Kais Saied has managed to deflect popular frustrations by saying that outside influences are disrespecting Tunisia’s sovereignty and failing to treat the country with respect. However, it is ultimately Tunisia’s elite athletes that will suffer from non-compliance with WADA standards as it could limit or prevent their ability to compete under their country’s flag. 



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