Tunisia: Drug Trafficking Remains Persistent Security, Social Challenge

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Political, Security, Social, Tunisia


This week, the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior announced the seizure of several kilograms of cocaine which were intercepted on the A1 Highway in a vehicle moving in the direction of Tunis. 

Follow-on investigative activity identified a large amount of cash in multiple currencies and additional cocaine. 

In the following days, officials in Nice, France announced the seizure 300 kilograms of narcotics including cannabis, cocaine, and ecstasy. French officials indicated that the drugs had transited from Tunisia to France. 

Drug use is a growing problem in Tunisia as compounding political and economic strains on the country put young people in particular at risk of becoming regular narcotics users. Numerous studies have found that younger, less-educated men in informal labor markets are among the most vulnerable to drug use and addiction. 

Evidence continues to build pointing to the mental health risks to young Tunisians from technology, social media, and other social and economic factors which can lead to drug use and other risky behaviors. 


Drug trafficking brings with it a range of social and security risks to the communities involved. Drug use negatively impacts families, communities, and health care services. Additionally, it can generate security risks that emerge around the illegal activities involved with trafficking that can lead to conflicts within communities and directly with law enforcement and security services. 

Tunisia’s relatively open relationship with Europe in terms of visa and travel requirements makes it particularly vulnerable to drug trafficking activities aside from the issue of domestic demand.  

Drug activity should be continuously monitored for potential impacts on operations, from the human resources level within organizations to the strategic impact on the security environment where an organization operates. 


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