Tunisia: Empty Diplomatic Posts Reflect Political Uncertainty

by | Oct 4, 2022 | Diplomacy, Political, Tunisia


In early October, the departure of the Tunisian Ambassador from Rome prompted multiple reports noting the number of diplomatic posts in Tunisian embassies and consulates that remain unstaffed with Tunisian diplomats. The Tunisian diplomatic corps now has over 20 facilities without a designated representative appointed. The last diplomatic appointment of an ambassador by the Tunisian government took place in 2020 and the Minister of Foreign Affairs has not called what had been a regular conference of Tunisian diplomats for a similar period.



Nearly two years without diplomatic appointments to key postings is likely a reflection of the country’s uncertain political future that continues to unfold as President Kais Saied pursues his governmental and political reforms. As Saied carves out his vision for Tunisia’s future, he may remain patient in appointing representatives to key partner states, particularly as Tunisia approaches the political inflection point of December parliamentary elections that are already a source of controversy among the country’s political class and international observers.