Tunisia: Explosion and Fire at Rades Port Injures Nearly 40 People

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Economic, Security, Social, Tunisia


On 14 March 2024, an explosion occurred at a gas depot at the Port of Rades in the southern suburbs of Tunis, injuring at least 35 people. 

A government spokesperson indicated that the explosion of gas cylinders was caused by a gas leak. 

The explosion occurred shortly after 6:30 AM at a facility operated by Agil, Tunisia’s largest oil and gas distribution company, which is a nationalized entity. 

The explosion resulted in a fire that was eventually contained by first responders. The injured personnel were transported to a local hospital, most with first- and second-degree burns. Four individuals were identified as being in intensive care due to the nature of their injuries. 

The CEO of Agil, Khaled Bettine, called the employees at the facility “heroes,” indicating that they had controlled the gas leak before civil protection units arrived at the scene. 


The incident highlights the vulnerabilities to work place injuries and safety incidents, particularly in industrial contexts. 

The handling of hazardous materials brings numerous risks, particularly in contexts where infrastructure and facilities may not be modernized and well-maintained. 

Furthermore, the incident highlights the importance of front-line staff being trained in incident response, as the initial moments following an incident can be essential in determining how quickly and effectively it can be contained. 


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