Tunisia: Flight Options for Russian Tourists to Expand in 2023

by | Jan 11, 2023 | Economic, Tunisia


In April 2023, Tunisian budget carrier Nouvelair plans to collaborate with Russian tour operators to expand flight options for Russian tourists to travel to Tunisia. Russian tourists reportedly accounted for a minuscule amount of Tunisia’s 6 million tourists in 2022, which the Tunisian government attributes to a lack of transportation options. Discussions are underway to expand chartered flight options under tour operator management, building upon the twice-weekly flights to Russia that are currently available.


As Russia’s war in Ukraine continues, Russian tourists are searching for countries open for business. The Tunisian government is positioning itself to capture some of this market as the ongoing war shows few signs of ending in the near term. It is possible that the courting of Russia’s tourists will lead to ramifications from Tunisian’s Western partners who are largely aligned against Russia in the ongoing war and seeking to limit Russia’s access to external resources.


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