Algeria: Foreign Automakers Pursue Entry as Economic Opening Continues

by | Jun 23, 2024 | Algeria, Diplomacy, Economic


On 18 June 2024, the multi-national Japanese automobile manufacturer, Toyota, received provisional permission for the importation of new cars into Algeria. This permission comes after the Algerian government relaxed a ban on new vehicle imports. 

Although the provisional permission does not mean that Toyota may immediately begin imports, it does represent a high likelihood of Toyota’s reentry into the Algerian automobile market. 

Toyota’s prospective entry comes after several multi-billion-dollar automobile companies have begun projects in Algeria through May and June. Those entering the market include JAC Motors, Chery, Dongfeng Motors, Fiat, and Geely Auto. 


Progress in Algeria’s automobile industry could entice more multinational corporations to invest in Algeria, thereby creating a positive feedback loop as the newly introduced companies further boost Algeria’s economy. This growth aligns with Algeria’s plan to triple the contribution of national industry to the GDP within the next decade. 

On a more focused scale, the recent developments in the automobile sector will likely benefit Algerian consumers as competition could drive down prices, raise product quality, and foster innovation. While Toyota may be playing catch-up with other manufacturers, the brand’s global reputation can likely drive growth alongside newer carmakers and established projects. 

Another point of interest is the large percentage of Chinese firms amongst the previously listed automobile companies beginning projects in Algeria. To read more on this significance of Chinese investment in Algeria, see this recent report. 


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