Tunisia: Gallup Data Reveals Frustrations Over Water, Environment, and Economy

by | Apr 5, 2023 | Economic, Social, Tunisia


On 5 April 2023, Gallup released polling data from Tunisia and analysis pointing to the frustration Tunisian’s feel with water quality, the management of the environment, and the economy. The report comes as the Tunisian government announced plans to implement water rationing across the country to conserve dwindling reserves.

Gallup found that 85% of Tunisian adults are dissatisfied with how their government is managing the environment. This ties Tunisia with Lebanon for the most dissatisfied country in the world on this issue. In 2010, 28% of Tunisians reported being dissatisfied with environment protection efforts, revealing a marked increase in the past 13 years.

The Gallup report revealed that 81% of Tunisians are dissatisfied with the quality of their water, which is the highest rate of water quality dissatisfaction in the world. Also, The data indicates that those in southern Tunisia are the most frustrated with water quality.

Additionally, Gallup reported that 63% of the population believe that economic conditions are getting worse in Tunisia, while only 18% view the economic conditions as improving.


The Gallup data better defines the growing frustration in Tunisia about the country’s outlook. Much of the frustration over mismanagement of the environment, resources, and the economy has driven ongoing support for President Kais Saied’s anti-corruption agenda. Many Tunisians continue to view the President as fulfilling his mandate to root out corruption across the government.

Growing frustration among the country’s marginalized in the west and south has the potential to evolve into the civil unrest. As the agricultural sector sags due to faltering water supplies, the country’s rural workers may be under increasing economic pressure. Our team will continue to watch developments across Tunisia for signs of change in the risk environment.


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