Tunisia: Government Coffee Purchase Assuages Ramadan Shortage Fears

by | Feb 27, 2023 | Economic, Tunisia


On 21 February 2023, officials in Sousse announced plans to import over 2500 tons of coffee, indicating that the country’s needs during Ramadan would be easily met. Faouzi Taleb, the regional trade director in Sousse, announced that the coffee would be imported and delivered in the coming weeks in batches and would be meted out proportionally across the country.

Frustrations have continued to rise over food shortages- including milk, sugar, and coffee. The administration continues to blame speculators and individuals stockpiling goods, with Ministry of Interior announcements frequently highlighting the discovery of warehouses of goods. However, the state also continues to struggle to pay suppliers for subsidized goods – including coffee – as bailout loan funds from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) remain subject to additional negotiation and approval.


Frustration over shortages is likely to climb during Ramadan, however, steps by the government to alleviate this frustration will likely reduce the risk of frustration boiling over into demonstrations or civil unrest. Additional steps by the administration are likely in the coming weeks to release additional food staples to avoid acute supply disruptions during Ramadan.


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