Tunisia: International Cooperation Highlighted as Multiple Agreements Signed

by | Aug 11, 2023 | Diplomacy, Economic, Tunisia


In early August 2023, the Tunisian government has been building substantive agreements with multiple international partners, including Italy, South Korea, and China.

On 11 August, Tunisia and South Korea signed an agreement that will help facilitate the delivery of South Korean aid to Tunisia. The agreement, which was signed by Foreign Minister Nabil Ammar and the South Korean Ambassador to Tunisia Sun Nahmkook, will facilitate training, exchanges of experts, and the provision of equipment for joint projects in Tunisia.

On 8 August, the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG) signed an agreement with Terna, Italy’s power grid operator, and the European Commission, which will provide €307 million to finance the ELMED undersea power transfer cable. The cable will provide green energy transfer capacity between Italy and Tunisia.

During a 5 – 9 August visit, China’s Vice Minister of the country’s National Health Commission expressed an interest in expanding medical cooperation between Tunisia and China. The Vice Minister, Lei Haichao, met with Tunisian Minister of Health Ali Mrabet, highlighting past and current projects involving Chinese assistance.


As the Tunisian economy has been hobbled by overlapping crises, international cooperation has become increasingly important, particularly as it relates to aid agreements and planning for a more sustainable economic future.

The recent agreements with international partners are positive steps toward building sustainable economic systems for Tunisia, including a role in Europe’s green energy transition.


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