Tunisia: Internet Speeds Lag Behind Global Averages

by | Feb 20, 2023 | Economic, Social, Tunisia


January 2023 data from the Speedtest Global Index points to ongoing struggles with internet speed in Tunisia. Fixed broadband speeds were ranked 160 out of 179 countries tested with an average of download speed 8.36 mbps recorded. Mobile internet speeds faired better with a ranking of 90 out of 138 countries tested and an average download speed mbps of 22.57.  The global averages reported were 76.34 mbps for fixed and 37.98 mbps for mobile.

This news comes following recent reporting that SpaceX’s Starlink internet would not be permitted to operate in populated urban areas due to the wide availability of high-quality internet connections.


Unreliable internet connectivity is one of many challenges faced by business and entrepreneurs in Tunisia, even more so in rural contexts. We continue to monitor for developments in this area, particularly as Tunisia looks to engage the global economy as pandemic recovery continues.


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