Tunisia: Jendouba Protests over Neglected Roads Reveal Deeper Strains

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Economic, Social, Tunisia


On 17 January 2024, protestors in Jendouba blocked a road with stones and lit tires on fire, expressing frustration over the state of local roads which have fallen into disrepair. 

Protestors from the villages of Maarif and Souk Essebt briefly blocked traffic between Jendouba and Bou Salem on Highway No. 6. They demanded the government take action to improve the roads which have been disrupting traffic and damaging agricultural equipment due to their poor condition. 

Authorities reportedly engaged with the protestors and assured them that a 2.5 million dinar road repair project would begin soon. Following this engagement, the road was cleared of debris and traffic resumed. 


While frustration over the conditions of local roads appears to be a highly localized issue, it is indicative of how strategic economic dynamics play out at the local level, frustrating local communities. 

Protests of this nature raise concerns about the depth of Tunisia’s economic struggles which inevitably have a more acute impact on rural communities far from the capital of Tunis. 

Agricultural communities surrounding Jendouba are among those feeling acute pressures from shortages and rising prices, as well as from the multi-year drought that has strained farmers. 

Our team is continuing to watch for similar indicators of mounting frustrations, particularly amongst Tunisia’s rural working class where economic strains have a massive impact on households. 


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