Tunisia: Meetings Affirm Azerbaijan as Strategic Oil Supplier

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Diplomacy, Economic, Tunisia


In mid-January 2023, the Energy Ministers of Azerbaijan and Tunisia met in the United Arab Emirates to discuss future cooperation on oil supplies and green energy. Minister of Industry, Mining and Energy Neila Gonji met with her counterpart, Parviz Shabazov, affirming Tunisia’s reliance upon Azerbaijan’s crude oil and an ongoing interest in leveraging Azerbaijan’s experience expanding into the green energy space. Azerbaijan’s state oil company (SOCAR) and Tunisian’s state oil company (STIR) have a decade-long partnership facilitating the import of crude oil to Tunisia from Azerbaijan.


With recent challenges in maintaining fuel supplies and prices, the Tunisian government is likely keen to continue shoring up supplier relationships with an eye toward long-term stability in the market. Azerbaijan has been a consistent supplier in recent years, making the relationship a worthwhile one for Tunisia to work toward solidifying as additional economic turmoil is likely on the horizon.


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