Tunisia: Migration Crisis Remains in Spotlight with UN Camp Dispersal

by | Apr 12, 2023 | Economic, Security, Tunisia


On 11 April 2023, a makeshift camp occupied by migrants and asylum seekers outside of the United Nations office in the Lac area of Tunis was destroyed. Several dozen migrants were arrested while others were scattered, fleeing from the police.

Some reports indicated that a group of the migrants had begun throwing rocks at cars and buildings, prompting the response by police. Others characterized the actions by police as a pre-planned crackdown consistent with recent efforts to put pressure on migrants, particularly sub-Saharan Africans, living in Tunisia.

After the clashes between migrants and police, a group of migrants was reportedly marching toward the US Embassy in the Lac area of Tunisia, planning to demand help from the Embassy.


The situation for migrants in Tunisia has deteriorated significantly and remains precarious, particularly for those without legal status. Reports continue to surface that even those with legal status have received poor treatment at the hands of citizens and security forces.

The destruction of the camp outside of the UN building is emblematic of rising tensions and frustrations over the issue, with many migrants desperate to leave Tunisia and the Tunisian authorities making it increasingly difficult for them to stay. This dynamic has led to a massive increase in attempted crossings to Italy, many of which have tragically resulted in deaths at sea.

Our team is continuing to monitor the security environment, particularly as it relates to irregular migration and Europe’s increasingly concerted effort to address the challenge in Tunisia rather than at Europe’s land and sea borders.


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