Tunisia: New Counter-Terrorism Strategy Launched Amid Terrorists Arrests

by | Jun 20, 2024 | Legal, Political, Security, Tunisia


On Tuesday, 18 June 2024, the Tunisian National Counter-Terrorism Committee (CNLCT) launched a campaign to introduce the 2023-2027 National Strategy for Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism. 

The CNLCT organized meetings with different stakeholders and released a short video on social media and television to introduce the strategy to regional and local authorities and to civil society organizations.  

CNLCT is seeking to outline a participatory approach that mobilizes civil and state actors to prevent violent extremism among Tunisians, particularly amongst the most vulnerable classes and individuals previously involved in terrorism. 

This campaign comes as Tunisian authorities continue to conduct arrests of terrorists, the last of which occurred in Ben Arous on 18 June. Security forces also continue to organize training operations that simulate various scenarios in which they would be called upon to counter terrorist attacks.  


Tunisia’s recent counterterrorism measures reflect its short-term goal of securing the current tourist season which represents a vital source of foreign currency, but it also supports the country’s long-term objective of building trust with the broader Tunisian population. 

Additionally, choosing the Amilcar Oil field in Sfax as the place to host the most recent training operation shows Tunisia’s aim to reassure its partners and foreign investors that it is taking measures to counter eventual threats and secure the country for investments. 

The campaign to introduce the National Strategy against Violent Extremism and Terrorism alongside the release of the 2035 Strategy for Youth a week before, demonstrates a desire to work toward a new social contract favoring trust and integration to prevent economic and social discontent and other conditions that foster violent extremism and radicalization. 


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