Tunisia: Opposition Coalition Announces Nationwide Political Mobilization

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Political, Tunisia


On 30 October the National Salvation Front – a coalition of political parties and leaders opposed to President Kais Saied – declared a country-wide political mobilization project in the lead-up to the late-December parliamentary elections. The coalition’s leadership noted that the mobilization program would seek to unite the Tunisian people against the economic crisis and for democracy, without clarifying specific plans around the election. In early September, the coalition announced plans to boycott the upcoming elections, citing the non-neutrality of the current election oversight bodies.

Our Outlook:  

We are watching closely the exchanges between opposition leaders and the government as we anticipate a tense run-up to the 17 December parliamentary elections. The timing of the ebbs and flows of the current economic crisis will likely impact the intensity of any demonstrations. If additional economic challenges unfold in the lead-up to the election, opposition figures may find a more receptive audience to their efforts at mobilization against the President’s trajectory.