Tunisia: Ties Continue to Warm with Pakistan; Free Trade Agreement Drafted

by | Dec 2, 2022 | Diplomacy, Economic, Tunisia


Over the past year, ties between Tunisia and Pakistan have continued to warm, with rumors of a free trade agreement (FTA) growing. This week, Tunisia’s Ambassador to Pakistan, Borhene el Kamel, announced to a gathering of business leaders and officials that an FTA had been drafted and would be considered for signing. Also, a group of Peshawar-based businesses would look to hold a trade expo in Tunisia sometime in 2023.


Both countries view the other as a potential gateway market: Tunisia to Africa and even southern Europe, and Pakistan to China. While trade between the two countries is relatively limited at present, there is potential for a mutual increase in market access and overall trade. Currently, mineral and fertilizer exports comprise nearly all of Tunisia’s exports to Pakistan, while textiles make up the majority of Pakistan’s exports to Tunisia.