Tunisia: Zarzis Protestors, Police Clash Near Francophone Summit

by | Nov 19, 2022 | Security, Social, Tunisia


On Friday, 18 November 2022, protestors in Zarzis attempted to march to Djerba where Francophone leaders gathered for a multi-national summit. Frustration continues to boil in Zarzis where residents have demanded accountability for the perceived mishandling of deceased irregular migrants during an attempted crossing of the Mediterranean Sea in mid-September. The protestors, desiring to highlight the case, attempted to march to nearby Djerba, but were confronted and dispersed by security forces.


Frustrations with the government’s mishandling of the bodies have only added to general frustrations with the country’s economic crisis experienced acutely by many in the country’s southern towns. We will continue to watch for a potential resolution as those frustrated with the case appear committed to shining a light on it. This could lead to additional protests and disruptions like those during the Francophone Summit.