Tunisia: Pursuit of Gulf Financing Could Mean Entering Normalization Fray

by | Aug 9, 2023 | Diplomacy, Economic, Tunisia


In late July 2023, the Rights and Freedoms Committee of the Tunisian parliament announced plans to explore  the introduction of a law that would criminalize normalization of relations with Israel.

The announcement comes as rumors and increasingly open discussions have swirled that the US is pushing Saudi Arabia to officially normalize relations with Israel. While the US has worked to temper expectations, these events have shifted the discussion around normalization for many Arab states with the United States viewing Saudi Arabia as an influential partner in the region that other Arab states might follow.

In late 2022, former Prime Minister Najla Bouden caused controversy by exchanging pleasantries with the Israeli President during a photo shoot. Significant criticism followed, as well as rumors that some effort toward normalization could be underway.

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