Tunisia: School Resumes, Shifting Risk Dynamics in Local Communities

by | Sep 19, 2023 | Security, Social, Tunisia


This week, Tunisian public schools resumed classes for the fall, with multiple security incidents reported in and around schools.

Early in the week, authorities in Ben Arous, Manouba, and Mnihla disrupted multiple illegal drug distribution networks operating near and targeting schools. Seven suspects were arrested, and narcotics pills and cannabis were confiscated.

An arrest was also made in Sousse, where an individual was in possession of narcotics near a school.

Police in Mahdia arrested multiple students for “premeditated murder” and possession of a bladed weapon. The students carried out an attack on another student, leading to their arrest. The victim was treated for non-life-threatening wounds.

Tunisia’s public schools continue to attract attention on multiple fronts, including labor disputes potentially impacting the operations of certain grade levels. Perennial disputes over the role of private tutors in schools have continued this year, with the current administration promising to end the practice of teachers moonlighting as private tutors.


As Tunisian communities transition from summer to fall and the start of the new school year, the risk dynamics in communities will shift.

Traffic patterns in areas around schools can change significantly. Children crossing the street and parents picking up and dropping off children from school create numerous safety risks around schools where accidents and, in some cases, resultant physical altercations increase.

Areas around some schools see an increase in petty crime and vandalism as children spend large portions of the day unmonitored. As highlighted in recent reports such as those noted above, schools sometimes attract drug-related activity and violence.

In general, awareness of changes in the risk environment surrounding schools should increase for anyone in close proximity with an eye toward both personal and community safety.


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