Tunisia: Taxi Protests Prompt Regulator Warning to Yassir

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Economic, Social, Tunisia


On 16 January 2023, taxi drivers staged protests at multiple locations in Tunis, calling for regulatory action against Algerian mobile application provider Yassir. Taxi drivers have expressed concern that Yassir and similar applications have created unregulated markets for transport and could potentially disrupt the long-stable transport industry. The protests and requests from union officials prompted the Ministry of Communication Technologies to issue a warning to Yassir.  

Meanwhile, Yassir issued a statement citing protests and what were characterized as “attacks” at their facilities by demonstrating taxi drivers. The company reiterated that the incidents have been reported for legal action and they would continue to engage only with the responsible government authorities.

Founded in 2017, Yassir is an Algerian startup for taxi and delivery services. It has established its presence in Algeria and other Maghreb countries, and, following a recent round of fundraising, is looking to expand into additional markets. It is present in 6 countries and 45 cities spread over the African and European continents and reports a total of 8 million users.


It is likely that similar protests will continue in the transport sector, especially with the increase in concern from Tunisians about the lack of quality public transport. The Ministry of Transport, in cooperation with the Ministry of Technology, will have a challenging road to walk as they balance the interest of the long-established and easily mobilized taxi drivers with the growing desire of young Tunisians for reliable and easily accessible transit, available through applications like Bolt and Yassir.


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