Tunisia: Food and Fuel Shortages Test Patience with Saied’s Reforms

by | Aug 19, 2022 | Economic, Tunisia


As of mid-September 2022, shortages of food staples and fuel have continued to spread and grow in severity. Critical food staples such as flour, milk, butter, cooking oil, and sugar have been missing from store shelves, with the occasional restocking attracting enough attention that supplies are quickly exhausted. Many gas stations continue to impose limits or simply have no fuel to sell. Meanwhile, the Saied government has yet to address the crises directly or outline a plan to address the shortages.


Food and fuel supply issues continue to drive concern about the motives and efficacy of President Kais Saied’s nascent government. While food shortages to this point have disproportionately impacted the poor, frustration has rapidly grown as even the wealthiest Tunisians are forced to go without certain staples as supplies ebb and flow. In the short term, the resilience of the population will continue to shine through as black and grey markets expand to meet needs. However, in the medium term, the patience of the population with government leadership may be tested if basic food stuffs remain unavailable.