Tunisia: Instalingo Case Progresses Putting Ghannouchi Back in Spotlight

by | Nov 11, 2022 | Legal, Political, Tunisia


On 10 November 2022, Rached Gannouchi, the leader of Tunisia’s Ennahdha party, which has historical ties to the country’s Islamist movement, appeared in court in Sousse due to accusations about his financial involvement in the “Instalingo” case. He was reportedly released after 14 hours of questioning. Instalingo, a media and communications company linked to Ennahdha, has been under investigation since 2021 over allegations of plotting against the security of the state. Some of the charges emerging from the case include money laundering and terrorist financing. In July and August 2022, Ghannouchi faced questioning by the courts related to a terrorism financing case.


Commentators continue to debate whether the case represents legitimate legal concerns or an attempt to silence a voice critical of President Kais Saied’s ongoing reform program. Our team continues to monitor developments in the Instalingo case as Ghannouchi and Ennahdha still wield significant influence in the opposition movement that stands against Saied. With a proven ability to mobilize supporters, Ghannouchi remains an important figure on the Tunisian political stage and his legal fate could have implications for the overall security environment should his supporters mobilize in his defense.