Tunisia: Night Protests Against Police Continue

by | Oct 18, 2022 | Economic, Security, Tunisia


Throughout the week of 17 October 2022, pockets of protests continued during the late evening and early morning hours across the capital city of Tunis. The protestors expressed frustration over the death of a 24-year old man who died during an interaction with police, though the circumstances of the death remain under debate. The protests have largely been contained to economically depressed suburbs of Tunis, with primarily young men participating. Some violent encounters with security forces, including rock throwing, have resulted in tear gassing and other crowd disbursement methods.


The protests continue to generate concerning images of burning tires and police firing tear gas at protestors, however, the protests remain largely contained to specific pockets of the city. While sparked by an incident involving the police, the frustration being expressed by the demonstrators seems to tie back to the economic struggles of many in Tunisia, where unemployment and deteriorating economic conditions have caused struggles for young people more than other demographics. The young men gathering in the streets to protest at night are among those most vulnerable in the ongoing economic crisis and those most often attempting irregular migration to Europe.