Tunisia: US AFRICOM Head Visit Amidst Regional Security Challenges

by | Sep 19, 2023 | Diplomacy, Security, Tunisia


On 19 September 2023, US Marine Corp General Michael Langley, who serves as Commander of US Africa Command (AFRICOM), visited Tunisia for discussions with senior US and Tunisian officials, including Defense Minister Imed Memmich.

General Langley emphasized the importance of the diplomatic relationship between the US and Tunisia and their long-standing partnership on military affairs.

General Langley commented that Tunisia is “a pivotal force in the advancement of regional security.”

Following his visit to Tunis, General Langley traveled to Libya for additional meetings with both the Tripoli and Benghazi-based governments.


The relationship between the Tunisian and US military remains a critical piece of the US’s overall partnership with Tunisia.

While the US has lowered its aid to Tunisia in recent years in light of concerns regarding the country’s political trajectory, military aid remains a cornerstone of the relationship.

While pressure from US voices concerned out the degradation of democracy could seek to further limit aid, US support for the Tunisian military is unlikely to end in the coming years as Tunisia continues to play an important role in regional security and counterterrorism strategy.


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