Tunisia: Algerian Activist Sentenced After Transit Through Tunis

by | Feb 25, 2023 | Diplomacy, Tunisia


On 24 February 2023, a Tunisian court sentenced in absentia Algerian political activist Amira Bouraoui, who was briefly held in Tunisia enroute to Paris. Bouraoui had entered Tunisia from Algeria at a land border after the French-Algerian was ordered not to leave Algeria resulting in the Tunisian court finding her guilty for the illegal crossing of a border. Her brief stay in Tunisia caused a diplomatic row from which Tunisia and Algeria have reportedly emerged friends. Algeria has accused France of facilitating Bouraoui’s transit to France, including pressuring the Tunisian government to release her to travel. Bouraoui apologized to Tunisia in a statement following her arrival in Paris, stating that she had no other options but to travel through Tunis.


This sentencing of Bourauoi is likely a symbolic gesture meant for or agreed upon with Algeria. The two countries’ Presidents had already made amends in an official call, however, this gesture points to Tunis’ intention to remain in the good graces of her western neighbor. In the near term, Tunis continues to need faithful partners to help weather the ongoing economic storm that has caused instability and raised the potential for civil unrest in the country.


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