Tunisia: G7 Appearance Points to Deepening Ties with Italy

by | Jun 16, 2024 | Diplomacy, Economic, Legal, Tunisia


From 13-15 June 2024, Prime Minister Ahmed Hachani represented Tunisia at the annual G7 Summit upon invitation from Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni who desired to bring investment in Africa and addressing migration to the forefront of discussions. 

While Russia’s war in Ukraine took center stage at the meetings, Italy also sought to bring its “New Mattei Plan” to the attention of other world leaders as Rome seeks to position itself as a hub of connectivity to the African continent.  Italy announced plans to partner with the African Development Bank to implement various aspects of the Mattei Plan. 

PM Hachani was joined by Minister of Foreign Affairs Nabil Ammar for a series of special sessions on Africa’s relationship with the Mediterranean region. He used the opportunity to reiterate Tunisia’s support for Palestine and to affirm the need for Tunisia to seize opportunities in the green energy transition. 


While Tunisia’s presence at the G7 Summit alongside other African leaders was a symbolic effort by Italy to demonstrate strategic priorities, it also represents Italy’s commitment to addressing the migration issue. 

With the new ELMED electricity connector set to tie the two countries together in a more significant way via investment and infrastructure the two countries will have a shared future that will draw them closer together. 

Migration has proven to be a point of tension with the EU. However, in recent months, Tunisia and Italy have appeared in agreement about various forms of aid, taking a more security-oriented approach to the issue. While this will likely have implications over time, the two countries appear to be working well together while other EU countries remain mired in discussions over various aid programs and Tunisia’s human rights record with migrants. 


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