Tunisia: Drug Prices to Rise Slightly as Pharma Sector Struggles

by | Feb 22, 2024 | Economic, Social, Tunisia


On 19 February 2024, officials representing the pharmaceutical industry announced price increases for 280 drugs sold in Tunisian pharmacies. These increases come as various players in the pharmaceutical industry struggle with profitability.

The price primarily impacts drugs that are produced in Tunisia and which are sold for under five dinars. The price increase for the relevant drugs will not exceed 1.5 dinars. The announcement of price increases was accompanied by indications that some drugs would be withdrawn from the market.

These changes in the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry come following the departure of several multi-national producers in 2022 and intermittent medicine shortages .


Increased prices for drugs could upset some Tunisian consumers, but this is likely a necessary step toward stabilizing a sector that has been hemorrhaging money and frustrating foreign investors.

Sporadic medicine shortages have coincided with other shortages across government-managed and subsidized industries as the national budget has been stretched to the breaking point. The price increases may relieve some pressure on pharmacists and local producers, but does not necessarily address the fundamental challenges to the centralized management of drug distribution.


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