Tunisia: Key Diplomatic Posts Filled as Global Reputation Evolves

by | Aug 30, 2023 | Diplomacy, Tunisia


On 29 August 2023, President Kais Saied and Foreign Minister Nabil Ammar attended a ceremony at which four new Tunisian ambassadors were issued their credentials.

The ceremony marked the following diplomatic appointments:

  • Imen Laajili Laamari, Ambassador to Serbia
  • Ahmed Besghaïer, Ambassador to Turkey
  • Imed Rahmouni, Ambassador to Iran
  • Chokri Letaïef, Ambassador to Iraq

Earlier in August, during a 4 August ceremony, the President also issued credentials to four other new ambassadors, including:

  • Yassine El Oued, Ambassador to the United Kingdom
  • Karima Bardaoui, Ambassador to South Africa
  • Rachid Saïdani, Ambassador to Senegal
  • Kais Darraji, Ambassador to South Korea

These key appointments are progress from late 2022 when concerns were voiced that many of Tunisia’s important diplomat posts remained unfilled.

President Saied urged the Tunisian diplomatic corps to engage partners as equals and to work to confront the “defamation campaigns from the colonial circles,” likely referring to growing criticism of Tunisia’s policies related to irregular migration.


Filling diplomatic positions overseas is an essential step for Tunisia as it seeks additional financial partners in the face of a mounting economic crisis.

Additionally, as President Saied implied, Tunisia will need capable diplomats overseas managing perceptions and reactions to the unfolding irregular migration crisis which continues to damage Tunisia’s global reputation.

Many commentators are questioning Tunisia’s role in the current great power competitions evolving in the region and in the broader international system. With the perception that Tunisia’s role as a source of hope for democracy in the region is fading under President Kais Saied, the country’s ambassadors will play a key role in shaping the country’s identity into the future.


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