Tunisia: Protests in Tunis Suburbs Signal Growing Frustration with Food Shortages

by | Sep 26, 2022 | Economic, Political, Tunisia


On 25 September 2022, several hundred protestors gathered in the Douar Hicher neighborhood, a working class area on the western side of the capital city of Tunis. The protests were non-violent, though there were reports of some tires being set on fire, and largely focused on economic pressures that continue to have an outsized impact on the poor and the lower-middle class for whom food shortages, inflation, and price hikes are particularly difficult. The demonstrators that gathered focused their calls for action on the food shortages.



The protests in Douar Hicher expressed the frustrations shared by many working class Tunisians who rely on artificial pricing of food staples to make ends meet. What remains to be seen is whether such overt expressions of frustration spread to other similar neighborhoods or parts of the country. There is a growing desire for communication from the Tunisian government about when or how the economic pressures might be relieved, and if such communication comes, its tone and content will play an important role in defining next steps. Thus far, many Tunisians have maintained a passive willingness to give President Kais Saied a chance to pursue his reforms.