Tunisia: Unemployment Rises Under Growing Economic Pressures

by | May 17, 2023 | Economic, Tunisia


In mid-May 2023, Tunisia’s National Institute of Statistics (INS) released national unemployment data for Q1 2023, which indicated an increase of nearly 1% from the preceding quarter.

Q1 2023 unemployment numbers rose to 16.1% from 15.2% in Q4 2022. During the same period, male unemployment rose from 38.8% to 42.3% and female unemployment fell from 39.1% to 35.3%.

The total Tunisian workforce was identified as 4,078,100 during Q1 2023, down from 4,124,200 in Q4 2022.

South Africa has the highest unemployment rate globally at 29.2% while Qatar and El Salvador are tied at the lowest unemployment rates at .1% according to data from the World Bank.


In the latter half of 2022, unemployment numbers had reached pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels, stabilizing around 15.2%. Numbers rising above 16% again may point to growing pressure on the economy.

Multiple recent indicators point to growing economic pressure in Tunisia’s heartland as costs remain high and employment is once again rising. Delays in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan process will likely continue to drive the economic uncertainty and instability that will increase risk for those operating in Tunisia, including risk of unrest and political upheaval.


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